This year is coming to an end. 2019 was incredibly important and successful for ZEVS. Over this year our company has come a long way to leading positions in the cryptocurrency mining market. More than 95,000 partners have joined us during the year making ZEVS the largest community of miners in the world. We would like to recall the most important events of this year and talk about our plans for next year.

In February we conducted a financial audit of our company to emphasize the openness and honesty of our business. We are absolutely open and honest to our partners. After all, you are the part of ZEVS. In an effort to protect the funds of our partners and our business we have conducted partnership agreements with leading insurance companies in Europe. In 2019 we expanded our mining farm increasing the number of equipment and adding the ability to mine a number of new currencies using the Equihash mining algorithm.

The approaching 2020 promises to be incredibly successful for ZEVS. We will speak at the annual Bitcoin conference where we will have the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people who have devoted themselves to the development of blockchain, mining equipment, as well as cryptocurrencies in general. Also we are at the stage of integration of two mining companies located in Iceland and Canada. This will increase the overall hash rate of our company, as well as expand the geography of ZEVS and increase the stability of profit of our partners.

We thank each partner for the support you provide us. Invest in ZEVS TRADE, increase your hashrate and earn with the best mining company. Many good and important news are waiting for you in the new year. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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