Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (further Terms) is in effect the public offer does is subject (but not necessarily) to editing, modifying, and it applies to all of those who take part in the ZEVS TRADE investment program.

1. General Provisions

These Terms and Conditions shall become effective only upon the voluntary and informed agreement between the Administration of the ZEVS TRADE, later the “Company” and the person who at the time of the Terms has come of age on the criteria of their country of residence in the status of a citizen, later “the Client”, and that must be accepted for execution, in whole or in means a part, without limitation, imaginary preferences or exceptions.

The essence of these Terms is to take the Company on its obligations for the safe provision of services to Сlient who are regulated by the ZEVS TRADE investment program, as well as providing information and consulting services directly related to the work of the project in volume sufficient for fruitful excluding conflicts, cooperation between the Company and the Client.

Client for its part takes Terms and agrees with all items without exception and in full volume, pledging not to distort the meaning and content of the agreement adopted.

2. Registration

To become a Client of the Company, investors, take such a decision, have to register on the ZEVS TRADE website. After registration and data transfering this fixing the fact of cooperation between the Client and the Company.

In turn, the Company will automatically receive these data for further processing in order to optimize and statistical process control, as well as taking responsibility unconditional for the safety provided by the Client confidential data.

3. Investments

The Client has the right to invest in the ZEVS TRADE investment program project in the form ща personal funds available to ршь, on any of the provided by the Company, investment plan.

The funds made by Client in the form of investment to the Company, with the onset of activation of the deposit transaction are exhaustive and can not be returned to the Client prior to the completion of the term of the investment plan for which the Client has made this deposit.

4. Profit

Profit which can be received by the Client and also an order of the profit accruals, is regulated by the “To investors” section of the company website.

5. Privacy of the risks

Refunding when the investment becomes impossible for reasons beyond the Company’s control, can not be done. In this case, the client can not claim compensation for possible losses at the expense of the Company.

Each investor must should be clearly aware of the fact that investment activity always can be certain risks. Taking the foregoing, the Client agrees with the fact that voluntarily provides management of the Company in their personal funds and undertakes not to claim refund in cases where the loss have been happen not caused by the other actions and not the Company.

6. Disputes resolution

In case of disagreement or conflict between the Client and the Company, the resolution of these situations is carried out through bilateral negotiations, without the involvement of third parties. Such negotiations are taking place to a full and complete repayment of the conflict with the consider the interests of the both sides.

7. Copyright

All content, whether the information is graphic, texts or any other information is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Any usage of the content, reposting any text fragments at the Internet posting video or audio fragments or whole reselling must be accompanied by a commentary in the form of compulsory and exhaustively detailed mention of the owner of intellectual property rights.

Partial copy or copy the full content of this with a view to commercial use in the future, perhaps only on a prior agreement with the owners of the project.

8. Responsibility

Failure, neglect or liberal interpretation by the spirit and content of the Client Terms entails certain measures exacting nature that will initiate the administration of the Company. Among these measures are present the following: warning, temporary restriction of access to account, full account lockout.

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