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Investing is an attractive way to earn money, but not everyone has the time or the specialized knowledge to invest in one of the popular destinations. For the proper capital management you will need not only understanding basics of extracting profits from investments, tactics and strategies of cryptotrading, but also extensive analytical and predictive capabilities. And most importantly, the process of independent investment of funds will require a substantial amount of time, which in itself makes investment not a passive way of earning, but quite an activity aimed at making profit.

What to investors who are not ready to manage the investment portfolio should do? traders will take care of the safety of your funds and ensure a reliable and stable capital gain. By investing in ZEVS TRADE, you transfer funds to trusted management professional with experience in crypto currency and all necessary knowledge. Software of its own design, a close-knit team and skillful management are the key to a rapid growth.

Min 10$
Max 40$
Accrual: daily
Return of the principal amount: at the end of the term
Term of investment: 60 days
Withdrawal: On reaching $ 100
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High-Profits AI trading platform

We use complex, automated and self-learning trading software, bringing high profits in a short period.

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The main thing about investing

Earnings in investments on a full passivity.


Fast return on investment at using of all available options of investing


Stable payments in accordance with the regulations.


Remote interaction through a quality and modern website.

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