Company profit

Bitcoin 36%
Ethereum 17%
              Monero 16%
Litecoin 11%
              Ripple 8%
Tron 6%
Dogecoin -%
Zcash 1%
Bitcoin 42%
Ethereum 14%
              Monero 6%
Litecoin 10%
              Ripple 9%
Tron 5%
Dogecoin 5%
Zcash 5%
Bitcoin 36%
Ethereum 15%
              Monero 6%
Litecoin 11%
              Ripple 13%
Tron 10%
Dogecoin 3%
Zcash 3%

Growth of the SMART capitalization market

Portfolio investments gives you a passive possession of a portfolio in order to obtain profit from crypto-currency transactions made by trading robots or accrued dividends, without participation in the activities of issuing companies. That is the difference between portfolio investment and direct investment. Direct investment means active participation in the management of the enterprise.

$0 $200 million $400 million $600 million $800 million $1000 million
$96million 2011
$252million 2013
$759million 2014
$1087million 2016
$1200million Increase by 13 times Growth 2017-2018


Revolutionary ZEVS TRADE technology is a the joint use of computing power of trading robots to make fast profitable trades with a co-op of several traders.

Cloud mining

The platform uses the process of extracting crypto-currency using a remote data center with a total processing power. We are able to get bitcoins or altcoins without direct control of our equipment.

Quick payback

High yield guarantees payback of investment within the shortest possible period.

Instant payments

Withdraw funds from the fund instantly, even every minute.

Investment reliability

Transactions are secured by smart contracts as their terms cannot be falsified or replaced.


Participants do not need to disclose their data, all transactions are anonymous.

Assessment of our work by investors:

To know more about our business, there is an opportunity to watch a video reviews of our clients about results of mutually beneficial cooperation and to make the right decision on work with us.

Min 10$
Max 40$
Accrual: daily
Return of the principal amount: at the end of the term
Term of investment: 60 days
Withdrawal: On reaching $ 100
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Enter amount:
Total profit:

In view of the constant stable growth of the business liquidity and profitability, the company management performs quarterly price indexation of assets:

Last company news

Each time you refer a new user to ZEVS TRADE, you will receive a 15% commission directly to your wallet from every deposit the user makes. Payments are instantly sent making our referral program a great way to fine-tune your earnings.

Присоединиться 12%

Actively use all unique and incredibly favorable advantages of the “Advanced partnership” referral program from our company, and open for yourself an opportunity to get up to 20% from the amounts invested in ZEVS TRADE by your partners.

Стать партнером 2% 6% 12%
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